Our Mission: Nomad cultivates a sense of adventure by redefining conventional styles of travel through affordable communal accommodations.


Commonplace in Europe, hostels are an alternative to a hotel, offering not only affordable rates but also several opportunities for travelers to interact with one another. Rooms are commonly shared among visitors, who are responsible for the cleanliness of their beds and shared rooms, however this tradeoff allows incomparably low prices.


Nomad is a chain of hostels across California that provides community in an age of seclusion, providing temporary and secure sleeping and living arrangements to our guests. Each of Nomad’s locations consists of bedrooms, a spacious community room, and a kitchenette, all intended to create an atmosphere of community. Guests have two options for living arrangements: individuals can stay in 4-person rooms based on gender, or groups can rent private 4-person rooms. Nomad’s prices set us apart from our competitors, but it’s not cost alone that makes us different. Nomad encourages travellers to interact with each other, in order to foster a communal traveling experience. Discovering new places, cultures, and people are integral to travel, but in today’s time, people have become more and more secluded. Nomad promotes holistic travel through forming connections with other travelers.