Nomad is located in the heart of Berkeley, California, a wonderfully eclectic, diverse, and progressive city. We are located merely 5 minutes from the University California at Berkeley, a world-renowned institution where students of all ages and backgrounds have the opportunity to explore the culture, history, and life of the city together.Since our newly renovated grounds are located near the UC campus and downtown Berkeley, this allows for easy access to those attending the university; as well as the array of restaurants, shops, galleries, and entertainment centers creating the perfect atmosphere for adventure and exploration. With our perfectly-situated location, members will be able to have access to the unique qualities that Berkeley has to offer. Whether it’s playing board games with friends at Victory Point Cafe or marveling at the beauty of the Berkeley Rose Gardens, our charming hostel puts you in the center of all of it.

Things To Do:

  • Tour UC Berkeley and visit the Sather Tower which is the world’s 3rd largest bell tower
  • Experience the culture and history of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
  • Enjoy the numerous shops, dining options, and entertainment in Telegraph ave
  • Bask in the sun and enjoy a beach day at Lake Anza
  • Enjoy live music of all genres at the Greek Theatre
  • and much more!
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